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Things have changed. We have put 4G on the moon. To remain an innovative edge, companies now constantly listen to feedbacks to continuously build new ideas into products faster. This is the only way to separate their offerings from their competitors. 

The transition from waterfall to agile is one of the responses to this need. Organizations of all sizes now deliver new features, fixing bugs many times a day and even a few times a minute.  

As a result, Developers and Quality Engineers are being asked to do more with less – Test more and release faster without sacrificing quality or spending more on human resources. They must handle the same workload x3, x10, or x20 times faster. That is not to mention that the software will get more complex, features will be added, and workloads will get even heavier. 

How would this be archivable without Automation? 

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Test Bottlenecks

Reduce individual personal dependence, enhance technical capabilities and accuracy, simplify testing process.


Test Infrastructure

Make sure the test solution fits in your current infrastructure. What you can & can not utilize from the current tool sets?


Frameworks Comparison

Each testing frameworks has its own pros and cons. Depending on your needs, some choices would be better then others.


Automated Test

Provides you a beautiful solution to test early on in your cycle, for earlier bugs attention, even from the planning stage.


Enhance ROI

How can you make the most out of your test automation investment?


Test Orchestration

Test automation improves part of the process, it does not solve the whole equation. 



Full picture of Testim Solution in resolving your pain points. Hand on support from the Experts. 


POC Conduct

Focus on your own success metric that matters the most for you. How to do it right?

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