Katalon Review – Level Up Automated Test Like an Expert

2020 was the 2nd year Katalon was named the Best Automation Software on Gartner Peer Insights. The Katalon Review was done by only trusted, verified end-user professionals.

What Katalon does?

Katalon Studio was really formed out of the need of teams trying to have an easy automation tool. A tool that allows both folks, who have some automation background, and those who don’t still benefit from automation.


Katalon Studio was purposely built to be an intuitive but comprehensive automation solution.

It runs a mix of both cod-less, and codable UI, while being a one-stop-shop for Web, Mobile, API, and Desktop testing.

Let’s look more into it!

  1. A powerful solution for both tech and non-tech-savvy users
  2. Various resources of support
  3. Try it yourself. I will help with the free trial!

1. Katalon Review – A powerful solution for both tech, and non-tech-savvy users.

Katalon offers way more than just a record and playback function to automatically generate script as you perform e2e testing on your application.


  • Quick kick start: You can create your first project with Katalon in just 5 minutes after download, even with no automation experience. Its’ user-friendly built-in templates help you manage your test cases, test suites, object repositories, test data, and keywords easier than ever.
  • Multiples free-tool integration: Katalon plays with all the big players in the market. Free plugins of Katalon for Azure DevOps, Jenkin, Git, Jira, Bamboo. are available in their store.
  • Take care of all: Web, API, Android, iOs, Desktop testings are all supported with Katalon on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.


  • Automatic test generation: Katalon will take over the work of creating scripts for you automatically with Recording capabilities.
  • Editable: You can then edit it using the scripting language or the built-in keyword and drag and drop object repository.
  • Reusable: Exporting your test artifact, including object repositories and custom keywords, to reuse it in other projects is possible within Katalon. You can even call a particular test case in another test case.
  • Data-Driven: You can create variables and assign them to data sorted from Excel Sheets, CSV, or Database.
  • Open: If you feel like being creative. You can write or own custom keywords and share them with other team members to utilize anytime. You can own your designed Katalon capabilities.


  • Cross-browser testing: You can create a test script in Chrome, and then execute it in Firefox, Safari, Edge of Desktop OS, or even in Mobile Devices for example.
  • Failure handling: Smart-healing, which is a star in the Enterprise version, would automatically heal the broken elements in your script. This exclusive Enterprise feature would help you to reuse the same script to run on an updated application. Meaning that if you make minor changes at the front or back end of the application, you do not need to re-do the script from scratch. Not anymore.
  • Parallel Execution: Katalon user can run in parallel and schedule for parallel running. Each run can be signed for a particular browsers, or profile. Running in headless mode is also an option with Katalon to save your resource.


  • Several report formats in CSV, HTML, PDF.
  • The notification set available: Report can be received via emails, saved locally or centralized in TestOps.
  • Bespoke Analyst: TestOps with its report and analyst capabilities is a cherry on top that provides you more high levels insights on your current testing performance including videos, failure screenshots and error logs.


  • Innovative object management: Katalon Enterprise users can sort out any unused object repositories quickly with just one click. This helps keep your repository folder neat, functional, and easy to scale up as more test steps are continuously added.
  • Associated data linking: Any updates in one particular test artifact of the projects will affect every container at every level. This includes test cases, test suites, test suites collection.
  • Team collaboration: GIT is now a built-in feature of Katalon, which allows members to push, pull, clone projects to share test artifacts of the projects among other team members. Integration with Jira, Slack, and more is available to help with bug reporting. Also, don’t forget that Katalon can also support BDD testing, Cucumber that helps your script be readable and understandable among mixed background teams.

2. Various source of Support

There are six channels you can reach out to for Support as a Katalon Studio Enterprise user. Yes, Six.

2.1.Technical Support Team

Katalon Help Center is where subscribers get direct support from Katalon Product Specialists. The Support Center is powered by Zendesk, and any Katalon Enterprise user can submit an unlimited ticket to seek help. If the issue you are jumping into is critical, you can mark it top urgent to get a quick response within 16 hours.
If you have not owned a license yet, I would be the one to reach out to!

2.2 Dedicated Account Manager

You may sometimes find your questions come around non-technical fields. It could be some questions you have around our license models or Katalon Pricing. You may want more clarification on a legal standpoint, security matters, further inquiring as a part of Katalon adoption.
Each account at Katalon would have a designed account manager to work closely with you, to ensure no questions remain unanswered. I belong to this team!

2.3. Active Forum Support from professional Katalon users

Katalon is ranked as the best automation software by professional users in Gartner with a 4.4 out of 5 score. The tool is used by 100.000+ companies globally. Hence, it is not surprising that hundreds of thousands of people actively ask and answer questions on our forum.
Besides, the Forum is being looked after by Katalon developers. Wonder what Developers at Katalon do in their spare time? They go to the forum and answer questions, they love doing it.
Therefore, if you have a question in mind, I recommend you browse through our forum. The answer is highly like would be there provided by either our team or other Katalon experts. Or, you can simply contact me!

2.4. Katalon Free Online Training Course

Katalon Academy, with multiple free online courses for Katalon beginners, has been rolled out since the first quarter of 2020. This would get part of the training effort off your shoulder for free. Stay tuned for more!

2.5. Google knows everything, Youtube has every recording!

Google is a typical source for every question, including Katalon. Besides the Katalon official forum, you may encounter the same questions asked in Stackoverflow, GitHub…
Youtube is also an excellent channel for instruction, especially for brief demos. Thus, if you and your team are still in the early stages of your evaluation, I recommend you look at recordings of our monthly Webinars there.

3. Like what you see in Katalon Review? Let’s try it our yourself, I will help.

To ensure Katalon is the right solution for you, a 30-day trial license with the same capabilities of the Enterprise version is available for your evaluation.

I would be more than happy to provide demonstrations of Katalon various capabilities, further technical instruction, and more, to help you explore Katalon in the test automation space! Contact me for further support, and to get the trial link here.