Katalon Studio License Completed License Guide

This article would provide you a completed Katalon Studio License Guide to pick out the right license combination most suitable for your needs, and your budget.

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1. Do you need a Katalon Studio license, or a Katalon Runtime Engine, or both?

Katalon Studio Enterprise would help you with test generation. The tool helps with the whole process from connecting your application (Mobile/Desktop) or navigating Katalon to your website (WEB UI/ API) to record test steps, code editing, store the source code in Source Control to collaborate among the team members, etc.

Katalon Studio License

Once the script is made, you can also “play” it directly at click to ensure your script runs as expected before deployment to your CICD with the Runtime Engine license. Katalon Runtime Engine will only be needed if you schedule your test for a remote run from the command-line interface (CLI) in CICD.


2. The Node-locked vs. The Floating license of Katalon Studio Enterprise Licence

Katalon Studio License – Node-locked

A Katalon Studio Enterprise Node-locked license can be assigned to one user operating on a fixed machine such as a laptop for a fixed VM only.

Each time you want to change the assigned user/machine, you must do it manually. Due to the user-based and fixed hardware-based principle, Node-locked licenses would not work for a dynamic machine such as AWS virtual machine.  

Furthermore, Katalon Studio Enterprise Node-locked lets you enable offline mode, which does not require an internet connection to validate and activate the license. This license type is designed to address the needs of working in a black box.

Katalon Studio License – Floating

A Katalon Studio Enterprise Floating license, on the other hand, can be assigned up to 3 users taking turns utilizing the licenses on any machine.

Similar to the Node-locked license type, Katalon Studio Enterprise Floating license can support only one instance for one user at a time only. The edge of Floating over Node-locked license type is that it can work in all environments including dynamic ones. It also provides you the most flexibility when it comes to changing assigned users and machines frequently among the team members.

Additionally, Katalon also offers Katalon Studio Enterprise – Offline – Floating license, or On-prem server license type, which allows you to work with or without an internet connection with maximum control over your licensing server. An offline – Floating license is provided for selective users only and not public on the website. If you are interested in this license, contact me for further information.

3. The Node-locked vs. the Floating license of Katalon Runtime Engine

The differences between the Node-locked and Floating license among Katalon Runtime Engine are pretty much similar to the differences between the Katalon Studio Enterprise Node-locked and Katalon Studio Floating license when it comes to the applicable host machine. Runtime Engine Node-locked license can be hosted by a fixed, unchanging host device, while a Floating license can be hosted in all environments, including docker and dynamic ones.

However, Katalon Runtime Engine does not follow the user-based license model, but the execution-based model. The license only is consumed at the scheduled execution time. As a result, both Katalon Runtime Node-locked and Katalon Floating licenses can trigger one test run at a time only. You would need multiple Katalon Runtime licenses for parallel execution.

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