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Do you have a question about Katalon Studio Enterprise Pricing, or Katalon Licensing Model?

Katalon Expert provides license service, and solution, which can help you maximize your investment in Katalon. 

Katalon Studio

An ideal low-code yet productive IDE for freelancer, and starters.

Katalon Studio Enterprise


/ Annual Node-locked License


/Annual Floating License

An advanced, powerful, and scalable solution for test creation process for businesses of any size.

Katalon Runtime Engine


/Annual Node-locked License


/Annual Floating License
Katalon Enterprise Licensing Model


Katalon Studio Enterprise Node-locked license Vs Floating License

Katalon Studio Enterprise is needed for test script creation, and manual execution.This licenses enable access to multiple exclusive features within Enterprise offerings such as Self-healing, Test Objects Refactoring, Test Artifacts Sharing, and more. Katalon Studio Enterprise licenses also available in both online and offline license model depending on whether or not you would like the license to “phone home” at use. 

While Katalon Studio Node-locked license seems to be a budget friendly choice for a small team with dedicated fixed test machines. Floating licenses provides more flexibilities in terms of testing environment, and shared users. This option could significantly effect productivity among bigger teams with more complex internal infrastructure.

Katalon Runtime Engine Node-locked license Vs Floating License

Having automation testing toolset integrated with CICD is the best practice for most DevOps expert. Katalon Runtime Engine would help you do this. 

Katalon Runtime Engine can now integrate with multiple big players in the market. Integration with Jenkin, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, Circle CI ,etc…  are all possible. with seamless configuration, which could take you less than 20 mins to be up and running. 

Depending how would your CICD be structured, Node-locked license with specific tied down machine would be enough. However, if your organization would like to utilize dynamic virtual machines, Katalon Runtime Engine Floating license would be required.

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