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Katalon Studio Enterprise
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/ Annual per-User license

An advanced, powerful, and scalable solution for test creation process for businesses of any size.

Katalon Runtime Engine


/Annual Floating License

Execute tests in CI/CD pipelines or via the command-line interface.

Katalon TestOps


/3000 Results/m x12

Test orchestration platform that provides quality insights and helps teams release faster

Kalalon TestCloud



Virtualized software test environments deliver quantifiable benefits-lower lab costs, faster test cycles, and lower IT support overhead.

Built for continuous testing

Seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem and transform automated testing into continuous testing

Katalon Enterprise Licensing Model


There are a lot of tools and a lot of manpower involved in your development cycle. The above diagram showcases the Katalon Endgame Environment that helps minimal your manual effort and drive quality across multiple stages of development.

Every day, developers will work on their own IDE and commit code to some repositories. It could be Git, Bit bucket, AWS, or Azure … The CICD will listen in and utilize the build trigger. This build trigger will then communicate some actions towards TestOps Katalon. TestOps can do some Test Orchestration, including test management, configuration, reporting & analytics, targeting GitLab, Github, Jira, Azure, Circle CI, Jenkin, Katalon Studio Enterprise, Katalon Runtime Engine, or whatever you are currently using.

The difference between Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine is that Katalon Studio Enterprise generates and maintains the test script. Katalon Runtime Engine does the execution side of it in CLI.

Once we have the environment in which we target specific suits of test to particular environments, they will target the specific platform under test. This could be Web, API, Mobile, or Desktop. Once the build finishes the execution (through CICD or TestOps), reports will be sent back to TestOps so that you can analyze your test results and other components of your test activities.

Another question raised here is where would the test be running on? Most of the time, the QA team or your IT team must manage and maintain the test infrastructure. In most cases, it will be multiple AWS machines or device farms such as Sauce Labs. Katalon can plugin with these too, or you can simply use Katalon virtual host called TestCloud.

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