How to expertly streamline DevOps in tune with TestOps Katalon?

Test automation is a familiar concept. It enables us to test early in the process, as often as we wish to, and anywhere we want in the pipeline. Even though test automation improves parts of the process, it does not solve the whole equation. Without Orchestration, an efficient DevOps is challenging to achieve. This is where TestOps Katalon comes in.

Now, in just one place, you can:

  • Improve workflow to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that builds are consistent and accurate.
  • Streamline DevOps, standardize formerly manual processes and eliminate complexities from the DevOps pipeline.
  • Analyst actionable data-driven insights that let you focus on delivering a better product and spend less time digesting endless log files.

You no longer need to jump around multiple sophisticated tools and try to put the puzzle together yourself anymore.

Why is TestOps Katalon a Game Changing Card for your DevOp?

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There is no Vendor lock-in in TestOps, meaning that you can integrate with almost every framework you are working with, easily. You can find some main tools that TestOps is currently working with below.

If you change your mind and move forward in a different direction in the future, TestOps will support your new choice as well. Therefore, even if each of your QA team and each developer team has a different demand for the toolsets, all of those tools can fit in within TestOps Orchestration. As a result, you can swap out the small pieces, but keep the orchestration in place. 

Need to mention that TestOps is a completed solution, which offers an end-to-end orchestration. TestOps not only plan out a piece of the flow then leaves the rest up to you but also provides a completed solution that helps you from A to Z and back to A again.

And as always, similar to Katalon Pricing, TestOps provides multiple budget-friendly packages. You can opt for a package that comes around only $120/ month for 3k/runs or more, along with 45 days free trial offer.

Eliminate complexities and release with confidence

Let’s dive in a bit more here:

Test Planning

TestOps provide you an easy but intelligent way to schedule your test in your environment of choice.

You can go ahead and plan all the tests that you want before your release and make sure everything is running smoothly in your pipeline.

The run can be scheduled locally, with a Katalon agent or Docker agent. If you have a CICD in place or would like to make use of your cloud environment, such as AWS EKS, TestOps provides all of those options that suit your needs best.

You can ensure the timeline is followed and that you would not miss any release or any build. This effective planning mechanism maximizes server usage, improves environment coverage, and ultimately increases your ROI.

Test Management

Katalon TestOps help centralize all of the components of your development activities in one single place across the whole organization. This includes TestSuites and Test Cases execution performance information, with multiple variables such as platform, duration, flakiness, and more.

TestOps is also very flexible in providing the option to group multiple TSs, including those from various sources so that you can work on it together as you want it. Whether if you work with Katalon Studio, Katalon Runtime Engine, JUnit, TestNG, or Jira, you can monitor and leverage all of those data in one place for more efficient project management.

On top of that, TestOps helps you organize and prioritize essential test suites by mapping project requirements and milestones to specification TCs with Jira integration. This helps enhance transparency and accuracy for productive collaboration among the team members.

As an individual QA or a stakeholder, you can have complete visibility and stay on the same page with comments, dashboards, KPI tracking, and actionable insights.

Analytics and Report

Side by Side chart comparison could be a very convenient feature of TestOps to figure it our whether or not a test is flaky or produces the same result each run.

Besides, you can filter the report based on test runs, test results, web service, test Object repo, or even particular task performance requirements, and more.

Now you can leverage out-of-the-box reports on quality, test coverage, and test flakiness and measure the quality metrics that matter most to your business.

And more important, TestOps’ robust failure analysis and reporting capabilities work across any framework you use, not just Katalon.

Free TestOps Katalon license for 45 days

TestOps has got its latest Business Version released on July 2021 at the time this article is writing.

You can easily find a lot of information about Katalon Studio Review. However, as the TestOps commercial version has just been released, the Katalon product team is still in the review collection phase for development. Therefore, a special Free Trial license for 45 days instead of 30 days originally is now available for download here.

Suppose you would like to see a demo to understand how TestOps works before giving it a try. Book a demo here with Katalon Expert.